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Usman Mukaty

Founder, CEO

Usman loves to bring ideas to life that can help others. Usman obsesses over how to make systems in work and life simpler and more transparent.

Ahmad Khan

Software Engineer

Ahmad is a part of Jaldi’s product development team. He is a computer science graduate from PU and a passionate community builder working with Google Developers. He loves food & memes. Traveling is his second favorite hobby, the first is napping.

Azeem Shah

Software Engineer

Azeem leads the product development team at Jaldi. He has studied computer sciences. Although he is a sucker for technology and likes to build stuff using his skills in that regard, he is also a gamer and likes to spend most of his free time in that world.

Mohmmad Shahzeb

Engineering Lead

Shahzeb leads the engineering team at Jaldi. He has an engineering degree and an MBA. He is passionate about developing technical solutions. His hobbies include food, travel, and technology.

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