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Usman Mukaty


Usman loves to bring ideas to life that can help others. He obsesses over making systems in work and life simpler and more transparent.

Haris bin Shams


Haris is an ex-management consultant with extensive experience in sales management and process optimization in the MENAP region. He loves books and football, and unfortunately is a passionate supporter of Manchester United.

Max Lebedev

UI/UX Designer

Max is Jaldi’s UI/UX wizard. With a decade of experience, Max enjoys crafting aesthetic and functional designs based on user needs. Off the clock, Max indulges his love for photography and hiking.

Ahmad Khan

Software Engineer

Ahmad is an engineer at Jaldi. He holds a degree in CompSci from PU and has a passion for community building, which he expresses through his involvement with Google Developers. When he’s not busy coding, Ahmad loves to explore new foods and share memes with his colleagues.

Azeem Shah

Software Engineer

Azeem has been engineering Jaldi since day one! Azeem loves to explore technologies to create innovative products for users. In addition to his passion for building things, Azeem is an avid gamer who can often be found exploring virtual worlds during his free time.

Sandesha Batra

Sales Lead

Sandesha leads Sales at Jaldi.  Her superpower is building empathetic relationships with clients and working out the best way to provide businesses with long-term value. When she’s not busy making clients happy, Sandesha loves to unwind with a good book and travel to new places.

Saqib Jabbar

Growth Lead

Saqib leads Growth at Jaldi. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Saqib discovered his true passion lies in data analytics. He takes satisfaction in using data to drive additional value for users. When he’s not crunching numbers on his laptop, Saqib can be found traveling or cheering on his favorite cricket team.

Mohammad Omar Hashmi

Software Engineer

Omar is a software engineer by day and well, at night too. Passionate about debating, he has participated in numerous events at COMSATS and earned several accolades. Beyond that, he finds joy in swimming, squash, and online gaming.

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