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About Us

Sales software is complicated
— Jaldi is here to fix that.

💡 Did you know over 80% of businesses fail within their first 5 years? And the culprits behind this number are inefficient processes, communication gaps, and tools that dampen your sales game. Falling sales means frustrated sales agents, managers, and business owners.

Not with Jaldi, though! Jaldi exists to make sales stupidly simple — the way it should be. 

We know businesses don’t have the time or money to implement complex CRMs or other software. And we understand the frustration that comes with sales agents refusing to use these CRMs.

Jaldi gets your leads faster, lets you manage them in a simpler way, and puts your focus where it should be — selling!

Mission Statement

At Jaldi, we’re on a mission to simplify the sales journey, empower global sales teams, and keep things uncomplicated. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make sales simple for everyone without the need for extensive CRM knowledge. Influenced by our love for simplicity and speed, Jaldi aims to become a platform where any team can start their sales function within minutes. We’re here to make your life and job easier.

Our Values​


We get it — sales are stressful. And the last thing your sales team wants is to update their CRM when they are chasing a deal. 

Our obsession is to simplify the sales process. Every feature and button is designed to speed up and simplify the way your sales team meets their goals.


We believe you can only make something great when you’ve walked in your customer’s shoes. 

At Jaldi, we’re empathic about our user’s journey, troubles, and desires. We do everything in our power to listen to our users. And we’re actively using your feedback to get better!

Shooting for the moon

It’s not easy to build simple sales software that empowers millions of diverse sales teams. But we’re out here with that exact dream.

Our users are our North Star, pushing us in the right direction and vision to make Jaldi the sales software your business deserves.

Our Story

Jaldi didn’t exist in 2021. At that point, I was managing over 200 sales agents across 3 regions. Leads were wasted constantly as sales agents were overwhelmed by the complexity of Salesforce.

On the other hand, Haris grew the sales function of one of the largest banks in MENA. How was he handling millions of dollars in daily sales? Through an Excel sheet! And as you can guess, communication gaps and wasted leads were through the roof.

That’s when we thought, “Isn’t there an easier way to do this? There has to be, right?”

But there weren’t any solutions that made sales as simple as we wanted. That’s how Jaldi was born.

We’ve seen how simple and powerful software can impact employee performance and boost their sales. Jaldi’s mission has been and will always be to help people. Make the sales process faster, simpler, and better.

Since December 2022, Jaldi has been picked up by many clients who stand with our vision and understand the value that Jaldi brings to their sales team. We’re always on the lookout for feedback to implement and make Jaldi the sales software your team actually wants to use.

Here’s to making sales Jaldi!

— Usman Mukaty

P.S. Jaldi means speed in Urdu!

Our Team

Usman Mukaty

Usman loves to bring ideas to life that can help others. He obsesses over making systems in work and life simpler and more transparent.

Haris bin Shams

Haris is an ex-management consultant with extensive experience in sales management and process optimization in the MENAP region. He loves books and football, and unfortunately

Max Lebedev

Max is Jaldi’s UI/UX wizard. With a decade of experience, Max enjoys crafting aesthetic and functional designs based on user needs. Off the clock, Max

Reda Bona

Reda brings a computer science background and extensive CTO experience to drive technological innovation and strategic growth at Jaldi. He thrives on transforming complex challenges into user-friendly solutions. Outside of work, he has developed a passion for martial arts, particularly for jiu-jitsu, of which he is an avid practitioner.

Muhammad Hassan Ali

Hassan is an Engineer at Jaldi, where he plays a pivotal role in crafting innovative solutions. With a focus on Computer Science, Hassan brings a wealth of expertise to the team. Beyond coding, Hassan’s interests span Engineering, Travel, and Philosophy. He’s always on the move, exploring new places, and experimenting with fresh approaches to work.

Sandesha Batra

Sandesha is part of Jaldi, which means Instant Message – a name that represents her role and the company’s values. She is passionate and tenacious in her work and caring towards her coworkers. She loves making new friends over a cup of chai.

Saqib Jabbar

Saqib leads Growth at Jaldi. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Saqib discovered his true passion lies in data analytics. He takes satisfaction in using data to drive additional value for users. When he’s not crunching numbers on his laptop, Saqib can be found traveling or cheering on his favorite cricket team.

Muzammil Khan

Muzammil likes to solve problems – and currently at Jaldi working as a Software Engineer – he codes them away. Understanding design principles, his expertise enable him to understand the user’s context and leverage UI/UX principles. Besides his time working on use cases in complex software – you’ll find him cruising the mountains (or the gym).


Khadija is an engineer at Jaldi. With a freelancing background under her belt, she’s not just about code – she’s all about understanding what users really want. When she’s not whipping up new features, you’ll find her lost in the pages of a thrilling book or on exhilarating hikes outdoors.

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